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Get to know the CBSB

The Crystal Beach String Band (CBSB) was formed in 2007 by James Rhodes, Sharon Naumann and Gregg Dobbins. The goal was just to play some music and have fun. We're still playing and having fun.

Since that simple beginning the CBSB has gone on to perform at:

The Florida Folk Festival

The Will Mclean Folk Festival

The Palm Harbor Citrus Festival

The Gamble Rogers Folk Festival

Live Music Show Case on WMNF

Highland Lakes Music Series

And other local clubs and events

Jamming at Crystal Beach 2006
               The Crystal Beach String Band The Crystal Beach String Band is a celebration of friendships through music. Their unique blend of instruments, personalities and music selections are just enough of the same, to make you feel very comfortable and just enough different, to keep you hanging on, and sometimes for dear life. There’s a nice mix of folk, old time, gospel and originals. Some songs are one’s you’ll want to sing along to, and some are more obscure. One thing you can count on is that they always have as much fun as their audience does.                                  



Sharon Naumann: Autoharp and Vocals.

Sharon started singing harmony when she, her mother and sister sang 3 part harmonies on the radio, and for clubs and organization gatherings. Sharon’s first solo was in church at the age of 3. And her gift is always being able to find the 3rd harmony part.

Sharon plays the autoharp and fell in love with old-time & gospel music after spending time in the West Virginia mountains & attending Augusta Music School in Elkins W. V. She also played in other band groups, The Circle of Friends, Yum Yum, Knapp’s Creek and for over 20 years still plays with SouthWind.


Greg Dobbins: Banjo and Vocals.

Greg is a relatively new performer and has become a prolific song writer. He is rooted firmly in traditional, bluegrass & gospel music. His wonderful voice leaves his audience wanting to hear more of his lead singing and original tunes. He plays a tasteful freestyle bluegrass banjo style that adds to and rounds out the Crystal Beach String Band. His landmark song "Cast Down" is a favorite that is usually the opening song of the Crystal Beach String Band's 1st set and it sets the tone for the balance of the performance.

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Elan Chalford: Violin

Best known for his style as a fusion fiddler, Chalford has extensive accomplishment in jazz, musical theater, opera, orchestral and chamber music styles. Chalford's style of violin developed from the promptings of the musical spirit of what Elan calls Grassapelli, where the infused style of gypsy jazz, blues, bluegrass and Irish Music creates a unique blend of music genres.

Dennis nC      

Dennis Devine (Americana/Folk/Blues) has been involved in the Florida Folk music scene since the 60s.  “I’ve always had the music and songs running in my head,” Performing on stage with the likes of Will McLean, Don Grooms, Gamble Rogers, Burns Sisters, Jim Billie and other Florida artists. He has played with several Florida bands including the 97th Regimental String Band, Crystal Beach String Band, The New Sand Mountain Wildcats, Southwind, St Pete Shanties, and with the duet Devine and LaRoche.
Rick jennings5577 n
Rick Jennings: Guitar and Vocals

Rick Jennings’ love of music began early, spending his 20s on the road, he later settled around St. Pete, gigging while teaching at local music stores. At 31 Rick returned to college, earning a B.S. in Recording Industry Management from Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) where internships at Milsap Music and later Billboard International provided an interesting biz perspective. As guitarist for MTSU’s Blues Crusade, Rick enjoyed the challenge of working with a 20-piece Jazz Ensemble; then as a recording tech employed by MTSU, Rick recorded, cataloged, and archived music. 1990 after a class in London, Rick traveled/toured England, France, and Holland, performing and busking along the way.

1996 Rick quit music for a decade, he lived in the Nashville area, founding Word Wise Publishing, working as a freelance photojournalist, and working at two newspapers. Rick appeared in a National Toyota Commercial, movie, and several music videos. 2007 Rick relocated to enchanted Crystal Beach, FL an area filled with artists and musicians.
For more info please visit: www.RickJenningsMusic.com


Steve Boisen: Bass, Double Bass, and Vocals

One of the busiest bass players in the Tampa Bay area conveniently lives in Tarpon Springs. Steve Boisen on upright bass is the glue that joins us together. An accomplished songwriter and nationally known ukulele clinician, Steve brings a wonderful personality and dry humor, along with decades of jazz, pop, swing and classical training. Check out Steve Boisen on FB

                                  The CBSB also performs on occasion with following additional exceptional performers. Don Cox, Bass, Bob Strickland Double bass with Stolen Idols, Double Bass, And special thanks to Rebbeca Zapen who stole the show at our Sunset Beach Concert Series.       


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